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Ever walked into a home that creates a feeling of style and perfection?

Ever wondered what gives it such a cool vibe?

What design secrets do some folks have that turns an average place into an awesome place?

Funny thing is that the answer is surprisingly simple and people just like you and I can easily do the same. All it takes is to get that bare wall and decorate it with some beautiful canvas art. Seriously that's all it takes!

iCanva wants you to love our paintings and we strive to satisfy all our customers with the best premium artworks available. So whether you're looking to brighten up your den with a calming sunset or decorate your salon with a funky abstract, iCanva is your one-stop shop.

All our canvases are skilfully crafted at our in-house facility by a professional team ensuring you get the best quality and designs around.

From now on you can entrust iCanva to help enhance your home by choosing from our extensive range of beautiful canvas art that will create an irresistibly stylish atmosphere…Your friends and family will love and admire how you transform your place into one that's stylishly personal and shows off your exceptional taste.


We select and produce only the choicest wall art with the aim of giving every one of our customer's exceptional works of art, great service, and real value for money.

Now that you can see just how easy it is to jazz-up any room in your home, why not go ahead and pick out something that you'll love. Go ahead, you deserve it!


iCanva currently has offices in 2 primary locations. One in London, England, and one in Miami, Florida. 

There's nothing we love and meeting our special customers so shoot us an email if you're ever in town! 


London, England Offices 👇


You can contact us at any time using the contact us page on our store or by emailing us at 












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